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Aniak Silver salmon
A Prolific Playground There are just some rivers that seem to nuzzle their way into your psyche whether you like
Brook Lodge - Alaska fly fishing destination
HI everyone! We're finally getting some cold here after a wonderful warm Fall. No more fishing for me. Now looking
Alaska Lake Trout
Lake trout are called by many different names in the places where they exist. Probably one of the most common
Starting out fly fishing
Did you know that probably 75-80% of people who take up fly fishing started out as folks who fished with
BJ cutting fish in Nome
Hello everyone! The colorful leaves are beginning to fall, and you can see your breath when you go outside in
Fly fishing for rainbows
Hi Everyone, Summer is just whizzing by! Hopefully all of you are enjoying the fishing. We've got some closures for
Pudge has been picked as one of Wildlife Enthusiast Magazine's 30 Most Influential Female Anglers in North America. She's very
fishing near alaska mama moose
Hi Everyone- The fish are up and on the prowl (except for the kings) and it’s time you put on
fishing in lake clark alaska
“The movie today will be Lake Clark Pass,” Glen Alsworth or Glen Jr. announce as you board your Lake Cark
Hello to everyone! The weather has been good and the fish are waking up in the rivers, so I hope