Fish Talk | August 2019 Newsletter

Grebes floating

Hi Everyone: 

Summer’s almost over! I can’t believe it! I hope that you’ve had your fly rod well-bent a lot of the time.There’s still time for the best of the best — Silvers! I’m dusting off my 8-wt and gathering up the big flies to be all ready. I hope you are too.

The Sockeye salmon have been absolutely unbelievable this year and everybody’s been taking home huge numbers of them. They are still arriving in some locations!

Casper, Wyoming – Fly Fishing WeekendRip and Hopper’s Adventure will be hanging out and fishing in Casper, Wyoming.Come Join the FUN with DUN Magazine 

Rip and Hopper’s Adventure is heading to Casper, Wyoming for a fun-filled weekend of fly fishing, education, and socializing. This will be a similar event like the United Women on the Fly Missouri River Weekend except we’re going to have a festival, Fly Fish Casper, in the mix!!

Both @Jen Ripple and @Heather Hodson will help connect you with other women who want to share lodging or a fishing guide.

Casper, Wyoming – Fly Fishing Weekend

August 16-18th

Mid-current ( has a very good video this week Choosing the Correct Strike Indicator for Nymph Fishing. “This is a critical decision for fly fishermen. Choosing the right indicator for your fly fishing with nymphs is critical to success.” Find it in the “News” section

If you missed the Alaska Fly Fishers annual picnic in Mirror Lake this week you missed a lot of fun. The evening was absolutely perfect, (breezes & no bugs) and beautiful, calm, water. Super dogs, burgers, & brats on the grill, and lots of other food (like yummy brownies) to finish it all. We were joined by a group of people from Hawaii who even tried their hand on a fly rod and a float tube. Put the date on your calendar for next year!


20th Annual Kenai River Clean Up

Their event is Sept 7-9 (both days). Get in a little fishing along the way.

I’ve posted an article from the archives  you might want to read about fishing in Nome: “There’s No Place Like Nome” 

Grayling fishing in Nome Alaska

I’ll be moving to Anacortes, WA in late September. I would very much appreciate it if you would help me sell my condo by forwarding a copy of my realtor’s (Joan McKinnon) information and photos to your
neighbors & friends.
Click here to see the Condo’s listing.

That’s all for now
Best Fishes!


Fish Talk | July 2019 Newsletter

July 2019 Flyfishing newsletter

Hello everyone; I’m a little late for the newsletter this month but we were really busy taking care of all the details of the Maxine McCormack event. It was incredible and I can hardly begin to tell you all the compliments both Maxine, and Chris her coach got lots of “where has this been all my life,” and “I’m going right home and practice what I just learned,” for instance.The weather couldn’t have been better and the locations more welcoming.

Our thanks go to our sponsors the Inlet Towers, Barnes and Nobel, Bristol Adventures, Mountain View Sports, Mossy’s Fly Shop, and Sportsman’s Warehouse. We really appreciated their help!

We didn’t have nearly time enough for everything we wanted to do but during one of Chris’ single person’s lesson Maxine’s dad (who came along as a helper) and she, saw a moose with her calf crossing the road when they slipped out for a little touring. “I’ll be coming back” all of them said, and Alaska will certainly be waiting.

Don’t forget Maxine’s and my new book!

The Girl With a Flyrod

It’s the 2nd Edition of my Gold Medal book, River Girls, and just as great, so, if you didn’t get a chance to buy one at Barnes & Noble or at one or the other event-location here in Anchorage during the event I am selling them at a $20 price. Just send me your address and a check and I’ll get one right back to you. My address is Cecilia Kleinkauf, 2220 North Star #2, Anchorage AK 99503.

-I just got back from a great trip for grayling and trout fishing where I usually go at least once a summer, known as Tangle Lakes. The place we stayed was MacLaren Lodge, -great folk as well as good fishing. On my way home I almost killed a small black bear and her two tiny cubs that were just coming out of the bushes along the highway! Thank goodness for good brakes!!!

Alaska Fly Fishers

The Alaska Fly Fishers has three events for you this Fall.

  • The August event will be a picnic, (TBA)
  • the September Clean Up
  • and the third will be a Silent Auction (TBA)

~For your information ~

And now (and with great regret) I want to let you know that I have decided to leave Alaska and move to WA, nearer to my family, medical facilities, and long-time friends, even though I have many, many, many of those in the Great Land. I’m planning on leaving this September. (I couldn’t leave in the summer–the fish just wouldn’t let me,) but much depends on selling my condo and other realities.

I plan to go to live at a retirement home at Anacortes, WA, called Capsante Court, that I have investigated and found to be one I liked.

I am also hoping that one of you might be interested in buying my condo or know someone who is, so that I don’t have to rent it.

Here is the Realtor’s listing.
Her name is Joan McKinnon
She is the best!

P.S. much of my furniture is for sale at a very low price! If you are interested just e-mail me at

Fish Talk | June 2019 Newsletter

She’s Coming To Town and Bringing Her Fly Rod!

Maxine McCormick!

The Girl With A Flyrod
The Girl With A Flyrod Maxine McCormick The International Fly Casting Champion by Cecilia “Pudge” Kleinkauf

From June 8th-12th you’ll be able to meet Maxine McCormick, the 15 year old International Fly Casting Champion, and learn The Secrets of E-Fish-ent Fly Casting from she and her coach, Chris Korich. Maxine will also be signing her’s & Pudge Kleinkauf’s new book,” The Girl With A Flyrod” .

See below for locations, times, tickets, book price, and more.
Happy Hour Silent Auction Saturday, June 8th -Inlet Towers Hotel tion-tickets-62237454903 – and, also at Inlet Towers Hotel on Sunday June 9th.
8:30-10:am & a Talk with Chris Korich from 10:30 to 12:30 (No Cost) and Book Signing. Lessons in the afternoon. Details TBA
  •  Monday fun at FisheWear 11:00-1:00 for Brunch, Book Signing & lessons in the afternoon. details TBA
  • Meet & Greet at Mtn View Sports 5:30p.m. + Book Singing
  • Sportsman’s Warehouse- Meet & Greet + Book Signing 10:00
  • Mossy’s Fly Shop Meet & Greet 12:30-2:30 & Book Signing
  • Family Picnic 5:00p.m. Inlet Towers School 8:00pm. $10.00 per family
Book: $24.95

Fish Talk | May 2019 Newsletter

May fishing newsletter
Hi Everyone: After a summer-like March and some beautiful April days with a few trees and flowers budding we had several snow storms to remind us that it was really NOT spring!! Just when I was changing the studded tires on my car, the mountains above town were hit with two feet of snow, and places around Anchorage got almost that much! After 46 years of residence in Alaska, you would think I would know better.
Now that it is May, when real spring weather appears I can gear-up and head for the Situk River to do some steelhead fishing. Even though it’s May,
I still have to be sure that I take my hand-warmers and, of course, my winter coat & hat. It’s hard to wait!!!


  • The Most Endangered Rivers of 2019: Every year I am amazed by the different rivers in the US that are endangered and need protection. This web site will give you the list’s rivers, starting with the dubious honor of most endangered river in 2019, which flows to New Mexico’s Gila River. The Gila is the last free-flowing river in the state and a tributary of the Colorado River, which flows through deserts and box canyons in New Mexico and Arizona. Take a look to see others and how you can help protect them.
  • -For those of you who fish Tenkara or who want to take it up here’s notice of the Tenkara Summit 2019. Registrations for the 2019 ISummit are now open! -Tenkara USA event will be held July 27, 2019 at the Millennium Harvest House Hotel in Boulder, Colorado. Find more information and registration details at the web site above.
  •  Get on You Tube & head to the Huge Fly Fisherman I’m not much of a You Tube fan, but I have taken to this site. I just can’t help it! If you love getting down to the “real” information about our sport go to this fellow’s web site for some really hilarious material. He hits things right on the nose. I especially like the way that he talks about trout food! “Trout Stream Insects: Equatic Entomology.” Take a look!!!!!!
  • Trout Unlimited is holding a Spring Flying Fishing event for women on May 14th from 6-8 p.m. at 49 State Brewery with skills practice from 6-7 and then fly fishing films 7-8. Cost is $15 Should be fun!
  • The Kenai National Wildlife Refuge and The Nature Conservancy in Alaska are pleased to announce the long-term conservation of a Kenai salmon stream with 293 acres to the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, the natural habitat that serves as a nursery for salmon will continue to flourish around the Killey River, known as the source for more than half of the Kenai River’s early run king salmon.
  • The Alaska Fly Fishers May meeting is set for May 6th at the BP energy center at 6:30. The program has to do with fishing photography and you might want to bring your camera.


  • If you want a chance to win one of the 18 FREE TICKETS for the Inlet Towers Breakfast Buffet with Maxine McCormick & her coach, Chris Ckorich on Sunday, June 9th that the club is offering,

Other Opportunities


Fish Talk | Early April Newsletter

cabin by the river

Hi everyone: I can hardly believe it but there are some buds appearing on a couple of the bushes in my yard! That doesn’t necessarily mean that we won’t have more snow here in Alaska, however, but it still shows signs that the geese will be arriving soon and the lakes will be losing their ice. Hooray!!

  • The Great Alaska Outdoor Show, April 4-7-2019, is another sign of spring that we wait for with lots of anticipation. Go here to see the list of seminars and dozens & dozens of vendors appearing in the Sullivan Arena in downtown Anchorage. The Great Alaska Sportsman Show has always proven to be a great attraction! The four-day show draws crowds of people who care passionately about fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, climbing, guide services, and lots more.I’ll be there doing fly casting clinics on each day except Thursday. I’ll also have my five books FOR sale. They will also be ON SALE !
  • Get Your Cast On! & Save the Dates!

    Maxine McCormickMaxine McCormick, the fifteen year old International Fly Casting Champion, is coming to Anchorage, on June 8th-12th! She is going to be signing her’s & my new book, The Girl With the Fly Rod , and doing casting demonstrations, casting lessons and more in several locations around the city. There will a breakfast buffet sponsored by the Alaska Fly Fishers, and also a Happy Hour with a silent auction, a picnic, and other events at other different sponsors over the five days she is here. Other sponsors besides AFF are Trout Unlimited, Fishewear, Sportsman’s Warehouse, Inlet Towers, Barnes & Noble, Mountain View Sports and Women’s Flyfishing.The “where & when” of it all is still being put together right now, so this is just a “SAVE THE DAY” notice so that you’ll be ready to meet and greet this great fly fishing Champion when she arrives.The late April newsletter will have a complete itinerary and places you can purchase tickets. So stay tuned!
  • Annual Spring Fling for Women on Friday, April 19, 10:am Saturday& April 20 at 11:am.This is one we all wait for with its FREE Public Admission & Parking, Anchorage “Health & Wellness Expo” as well as vendors offering fashions, fine arts, informative seminars, lots of door prizes, concessions, beer and wine and much more at the Alaska Airlines Center at 3550 Providence Dr.
  • SOMERSET, Penn. The Fly Fishing Show has announced that anglers may now purchase fresh and saltwater fishing licenses for all 50 states by visiting the show’s website,“At the top of the page, click the word ‘More’ to purchase a fishing license by credit card wherever you are planning to fish,” said Fly Fishing Show President and CEO, Ben Furimsky. There is no additional fee for purchasing out-of-state licenses through the Fly Fishing Show website.Contact Information:

    The Fly Fishing Show
    531 North Center Ave.
    Suite 102
    Somerset, PA 15501
    Ben Furimsky
    (814) 443-3638
  • Hatching! 

    Have you ever stopped to think about the services of the two major fish hatcheries in Alaska? Fish ready for release are put into certain lakes and rivers & you can get information about when & where that happens by going to both the Ruth Burnett hatchery in Fairbanks and the William Jack Fernandez in Anchorage. (It’s rather hard to navigate the site, but just keep at it). Go to “Hatcheries” and then on to “stocking and release”. You’ll get charts to check on the area that you are searching for. This page is provided so you can search which locations have been stocked, with what species of fish, and when specific locations were stocked. two options are available for searching the fish stocking database as provided in the table provided. (p.s. if you get stymied just call 907-2672218 in Anchorage and 907-459-7228 in Fairbanks, for help.)

  • Alaska Fly Fishers!AK FlyFishers will meet on Monday April 1, 6:30 at the BP Energy center. Come and hear all about the guys that are in the process of creating a fly- tying business in Brazil!!!! Should be great!!!!! I can’t wait!!!!!!!
  • The Alaska Flyfishers will also be offering its annual Spring Seminar to folks wanting to take up the sport of fly fishing. That will be done in four different evenings to offer discussion on the various parts of flyfishing. Get the dates and locations at the Great AK Sportsman Show.
  • If you live in Fairbanks you have an outdoor show too. It is the Fairbanks Outdoor show on April 26-27-28 at the Carlson Center 2010 2nd Ave, Fairbanks. Sponsors information and door prizes will be posted when the dates get closer. See Big Rays for other information.

That’s All For Now!

Fish Talk | March Newsletter

Spring in Alaska

March 2019, Newsletter

Hi Everyone; We’ve turned the corner and can see a little bit of spring out there on the horizon! So, it’s time to do things like book your fishing dates for this summer at your favorite lodge, get out your rod and reel to see if they are in need of cleaning or new fly line, refurbish your fly boxes, or whatever else should need doing. It’s time to get going!

  • The Alaska Fly Fishers March Meeting is on Monday March 4th 6:30PM at the BP Energy Center, 900 East Benson Blvd, Anchorage. Presentation sounds great— hear Dan Redfield, an Emmy® nominated filmmaker and adventure photographer. He created Alaska Photoventures to fulfill his love for both film and photography.
  • A Contest!! If there happens to be a budding artist or fisher at your house you will want to know about the state fish-art contest. It is a way to have your child create a picture of fish & fishing in Alaska and win a prize! The contest consists of pictures of fish in their state that they want to nominate for the fish of the year. Take a look at this great opportunity! But don’t wait, the deadline is March 31st  All of the details can be found at
  • Girl Got Game – Go to U-Tube & or mid-current’s list of videos to see the Silver Kings Season video 5/E4. Pick up Alex Woodsum in the “Girl Got Game” U-Tube in the great video of her in the Florida Keys catching a grand slam of Tarpon, Bone-fish, and Permit all in one day and all on a fly!!!! Alex is one of the four young girls featured in my Gold-Medal Winning book many years ago called River Girls. She now is writing, working in organizations like “Now or Neverglades” Florida’s conservation trust, and various activities in the fly-fishing world. Yeh! AlexStay tuned to this newsletter to see information about the 2nd Edition of River Girls book with Maxine McCormick, the 15 year old fly casting champion who is winning all the gold medals in the world. Maxine & her coach will be coming to Anchorage the second week of June! She will sign your book and show all of us some of her casting. I can hardly wait!
  • Are you subscribing to “Catch Magazine? If not, you’re missing out on some of the most stunning photography in the fly-fishing world.” Just $12 a year gets you un-matched photos from different fish from different parts of the world and some of the best fly fishing you’ll ever see.
  • Winter Fish Fest IV – Trout Unlimited March 14th Please join the Southcentral AK Trout Unlimited Chapter for their fourth annual banquet at the 49th State Brewing Co in Anchorage event will be hosted in both Barrel Rooms on the lower level of 49th State Brewing Co. Winter Fish Fest IV will feature both silent and live auctions as well as some fishy fun. The event starts at 5:30p.m. Ticket $20 at the door for members and $25 for non-members, this will get you a drink ticket and entry to win a door prize! We recommend bringing cash or check please
  • WOW the new REI 500 E Northern Lights Blvd, Anchorage, AK in Anchorage is really something!! Get on down there for the rest of their winter sale now- and then especially be sure to join them on March 22–24 for their 3-day Grand Opening festivities, Fri.–Sun.! Three Whole Days!!!!! Here are the two parts each day: Mornings: Door prizes when the store opens (10:00 a.m.) Afternoons: Free food, music, door prizes and more—3pm to 6pm
  • The Fly Fishing Film Festival comes to Anchorage on March 26, 27, 28 at the Bear Tooth theatre. There will be four showings this year. March 26, at 5:30pm,- March 27 at 5:30pm, -and March 28 at 5:30 and also at 8:30p.m. Get to their web site to see the “trailers” proceeds will go to TU and the Alaska Fly Fishers.
  • Clean Water goes to Dirty Water without our help! Go to and hear how the Clean Water Act goes to Dirty Water if we don’t do something about it. Go to the link above and see what’s happening. They will provide you a letter to the EPA if you want to voice your thoughts. Go to as well.Articles for My Blog! 
  • Hear’s another classic article from Fish Alaska Magazine for you, rescued from my archive and now in the Articles section of our web site! Go straight to my website at to read about “My Arsenal of Great Grayling Flies” in the April 2010 issue of Fish Alaska Magazine.

Thats all for now. Best Fishes!



Fish Talk | February Newsletter

Truck camper in mountains
Just think, 2018 is gone with all of its great fishing for silvers, rainbows, kings, Dollies, sockeye, pinks, pike, and grayling and I don’t know where it went, do you? I’m also behind on my newsletter in the last couple of months and it’s time I got going. Here are a couple fish pictures and a couple of pictures of glaciers for the newsletter while the fish and we are dreaming about next summer.

 AK Fly Fishers Auction

The Alaska Fly Fishers club has had some setbacks with the online auction that they have been working on but they haven’t given up. It’s going to appear very soon now so keep watching their website at .  It will be done ONLINE ONLY and will feature all those great trips we have seen in the past, and maybe some other great items we always drool over. The starting point will be their website. Start planning those fishing trips for 2019 right here to be ready when the fun begins. I’ll let you know!!!

Fly-Tying Materials Sale!!

I’ll be offering lots & lots & lots of fly tying materials (feathers, hooks, threads, fur,) etc. at a sale at the Alaska Fly Fishers monthly meeting on the February 4th meeting at BPEC ( British Petroleum Energy Center) starting at 6:00p.m. Some real deals!!!!!! (you don’t have to be a member of the club to join us).

Compliments to Mid-Current

Hats off to Mid-Current, the web’s original news site for the fly fishing community and its new website’s tips, techniques, videos, art, photography, gear, books, and expert advice for fresh and saltwater. Experts from my book, Rookie No More, the Flyfishing Novice Gets Guidance from a Pro also appear in the “How To” section. Check out –“Nymphing Techniques,” “Steeple Cast,” and “Reading Water to Find Fish” among others. You can buy the book on Mid-Current’s site as well as Amazon, If you haven’t already subscribed, Do It Now!!!!!!!! Daily & weekly on Wednesday)

January/February 2019 Fly Fishing Show Dates

  • The fly fishing show in Edison, NJ is – January 25, 26, & 27 at the New Jersey Convention & Expo center. Get demonstrations, the chance to win guided trips, opportunity to see new gear, get fly tying tips and more. Don’t miss it.
  • The Atlanta Fly Fishing Show will run Feb 1-2 at the Infinite Energy Center (formerly Gwinnett Center) 6400 Sugarloaf Parkway. Duluth, Georgia 30097. Lots of presentations, new items from waders to rods & reels and much more.
  • The Lynnwood, Fly Fishing show will be in Lynwood, WA – February 16 & 17 in the Lynwood Convention Center. One of the best fly fishing shows in the Northwest. You can see all of the vendors from other shows in a small & friendly environment.
  • Pleasanton, CA – February 22, 23 & 24 at Alameda County Fairgrounds. A casting pond inside and also out enable twice the # of demonstrations. Californian shops have lots of room for displays and gives some of the best-known names in fly fishing show you their skills.

  Fly-Fishing & Tying Journal

One of my articles appears in the Winter issue of the “Flyfishing &Tying Journal.” It is titled “Grayling Fishing with a Dry Fly.” Get some tips about techniques, presentation, and taking proper care when releasing grayling are the highlights.
Get my book titled “Alaska’s Arctic Grayling—Sailfish of the North” at Amazon or from me at

!!! Used Fly Fishing Books on Sale !!!!!

February 8, 4:00-7:00 p.m.
 Fishewear 4011 Arctic Blvd Ste. C

More than 65 of Pudge’s slightly used fly fishing books (that ended up on the floor in the recent earthquake) will be on sale from 4:00p.m.-7:00pm at Fishewear on Arctic Blvd. All of the books will be sold for 1/2 price!! Take a peek at some of the new items at the shop while you are browsing. Appetizers will be available. All of the proceeds go to Trout Unlimited. Join us! (p.s. please bring cash or check only. We can’t accept credit cards!!!!) (Guys are certainly welcome too.)
Also sign up for the 2nd Edition of the Gold-Medal-winning book “RIVER GIRLS” which will be available in May 2019.

Articles for My Blog!

I have another classic article from Fish Alaska Magazine for you, rescued from my archive and now in the articles section of our web site! Go straight to my website at
to read about fly-fishing the Aniak River in 2006. It’s amazing!!
Enjoyed this newsletter? Forward it to a friend!
OK! That’s all for now.

Fish Talk | November Newsletter

Brook Lodge - Alaska fly fishing destination
HI everyone! We’re finally getting some cold here after a wonderful warm Fall. No more fishing for me. Now looking forward to Thanksgiving.

Tail Magazine

Tail MagazineThere’s a neat new fly fishing magazine around! You may not have seen it but TAIL MAGAZINE is really making its mark, especially in the salt -water fly fishing world. Take a look, and by all means check out the video’s.  (p.s. Alex Woodsum, the author of one of the articles is a woman who was once a  River Girls  in my Gold-Medal book some years back,  (See a Second Edition of that book in May of 2019)

Alaska Fly Fishers 2018 Fundraising Auction – Online only!

The Alaska Fly Fishers is having an Online-only Fundraising auction that will consist of the trips that we would normally auction during the Live portion of our regular auction, with a few selected additional items. There is a page on our web site that will be the jumping-off page to the actual auction. It will be active starting NOVEMBER 9TH AND RUN THROUGH NOVEMBER 21. You’ll be able to bid through your computer, Mobile phone, tablet device, or anything else that offers a web browser. Watch for it at FaceBook and fly fishers web site at

Women’s Flyfishing Articles

The  Fish Alaska Magazine Articles  we have for you this month can be found on our articles page at

Efforts Continue to Reintroduce Arctic Grayling in Michigan

Efforts continue to try to introduce Arctic Grayling back into Michigan waters. State government, non-profits, business, and more are committed to reintroduce this culturally significant species, with steady progress made since June of 2016. Read all about this partnership at .

Roosterfish Tournament in Costa Rica

Want (like I do) to go to where the roosters are, then there’s an International tournament you can go to in Costa Rica out of Crocodile Bay Resort. You can find all the info here . Dates are Nov 16-19! I wish I could go to them all!!!!

Secretary Zinke Announces Protection for “Paradise Valley”, Montana

See the announcement about Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinky’s withdrawal of more than 30,000 acres of federal lands in southwest Montana from mining for 20 years, subject to valid existing rights here . Secretary Zinke has worked toward securing a withdrawal in this area for several years as both a Member of Congress and the Secretary of the Interior.

Atlantic Salmon News

All Atlantic salmon numbers are off for the second year. Get all the info here and see what might be the causes here .

Free Fly Tying Clinic

Notice!!!!!! Be sure that if you live in Anchorage you join the Alaska Fly Fishers for a free fly tying clinic on Sat November 17 at the hatchery out on Reeve blvd, 9:00 AM– 3:00 PM Saturday. All free, and all equipment is provided. See You There!! Stay connected at  for news about the up-coming on-line auction there are going to be some fabulous trips for sale!!

Rookie No More

See my article on “Dead Drift” at MidCurrent taken from my book “Rookie NO More: The Flyfishing Novice Gets Guidance from a Pro “. Get the book at MidCurrent or Amazon .
On the hook

Fish Talk | September 2018 Newsletter

BJ cutting fish in Nome

Hello everyone!

The colorful leaves are beginning to fall, and you can see your breath when you go outside in the morning. There’s some new snow on the mountains from time to time now as well. More signs that winter is on its way are the flocks of geese in the air, and puffy, flowerless, fireweed along the roadways. Silver salmon fishing is still in full swing in some places, and the big, fat, rainbows are easy to find in their habitat gobbling up the salmon carcasses.

Carcasses for Stoneflys
Carcasses for stoneflies

I had the luck to spend two days on the Kenai River this past week-end doing my best to connect with one of its huge, 30-inch rainbows that appears late in the season to gorge for the bounty. Two freezing mornings greeted us as did heavy fog until mid-morning when a glorious sun broke out and warmed us continually throughout the day. Both large and small fish responded to our offerings, but the jumbo beasts stayed hidden until another day. The really-really large fish are said to appear only as the temperature drops, but I’m not sure I’m tough enough to face teen-numbers to see if that is actually true. Why don’t you get out your gear for one last attempt and see what you can do if you’re tougher than me before the snow flies. Send me a picture for the news letter if you score.

Maxine McCormick, the Wonder Girl of Fly-casting

The week-end of August 16-17-18-19, 2018 was poised for the 5th World Championships in Fly Casting in Cumbria/North England and 14-year old Maxine McCormick was poised and ready to compete and repeat her gold-medal-winning performance from the 2016 Estonia competition. And, medal-winning it was. Two gold medals and one silver medal ended up in her hands where the custom rod (created just for her by her coach, Chris Korich,) did its magic. One medal was for accuracy and another for distance. One set a new distance record at 189 feet! It is almost unbelievable, but Maxine’s championship casts took place in winds gusting up to 40 miles an hour. (Just “Google” Maxine McCormick fly fishing and see what a phenomenon she really is. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to write about Maxine for my up-coming book, the Second Edition of my gold medal book River Girls. Look for it next May from Epicenter Press. )

News from Trout Unlimited on Pebble Mine

Some Bad Bristol Bay news for you:

Recently, the federal agency in charge of reviewing Pebble’s mining application moved the company one step closer to digging a massive, toxic hole at the headwaters of Bristol Bay.
The Army Corps of Engineers released an incomplete report that leaves out important scientific studies and glosses over input from thousands of Americans. A project the size and scale of the proposed Pebble Mine – that threatens our fish, jobs and way of life – deserves a more rigorous review. If you live in Alaska, please help ensure this happens today.

thout significant intervention by Alaska’s state leaders, the process that is underway now will pave the way to Pebble mine being constructed in Bristol Bay.
Taking only 37 pages to summarize over 400,000 comments, the report is insufficient to acknowledge the value of Bristol Bay and does nothing to protect the region’s salmon, cultures, and jobs from Pebble.

ALASKANS: Please take a moment to contact our decision makers right now and ask them to put the current flawed process on hold, and ensure Army Corps of Engineers is conducting a fair and rigorous process.
Nearly all of our state leaders say that the mine application should receive fair review, however that’s far from what’s playing out in reality. We need to convince our state’s most powerful leaders that they can no longer remain silent.

If you live outside of Alaska, please help us spread the word to your friends and neighbors across the country that Pebble’s mining permit is ADVANCING at a rapid pace. We’ll certainly contact you the next time we have an action alert in which you can participate. Thank you for staying engaged.

Thank you,
TU’s Save Bristol Bay Team
P.S. Our Facebook page is a great place to find the latest news and updates.

Columbia River Closes to All Salmon Fishing

With fall Chinook salmon returns to the Columbia River tracking well below preseason predictions, fishery managers announced the Columbia River from the mouth at Buoy 10 to the Hwy 395 Bridge near Pasco, Washington closed for angling and retention of all salmon and steelhead at 12:01 am Thursday, Sept. 13.

October 6-7 Florida Sportsman Expo

Florida State Fairgrounds, Tampa
Florida Sportsman Magazine will return to Tampa to host the Florida Sportsman Expo at the Florida State Fairgrounds, October 6th & 7th, 2018. Attendees of the Florida Sportsman Expo will find an array of new exhibitors, new fishing and hunting seminar speakers and other exciting features, including boat dealers and manufactures, large fly casting pond, artist, archery games and the Iron Buck Archery Tournament by Arrowhead Archery will return again this year.

Maryland: Fall Trout Stocking to Begin

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources will stock thousands of brown, golden and rainbow trout in select creeks, lakes and rivers from mid-September through the end of October. If you live in the area you better get ready to take advantage of it!!

Orvis-Endorsed Saltwater Fly Fishing Schools in Sarasota, Florida

CB’s Saltwater Outfitters, 1249 Stickney Point Rd, Sarasota, FL has announced dates for their Orvis-Endorsed fly fishing schools for the upcoming fall through spring timeframe; Nov 17, 2018 and Jan 19, Feb. 23, Mar. 16, and Apr 13, 2019. Located on Siesta Key, named Best Beach in America, the schools will cover fly casting basics, line control, shooting line and the roll cast. Instructors, Capt. Rick Grassett and Capt. Ed Hurst, will also cover leader construction, fly selection and saltwater fly-fishing techniques. The course, designed for beginning and intermediate fly casters, will focus on basics but also work with intermediate casters on correcting faults and improving casting skills. Cost for the schools, which will run from 8:30 AM to 2 PM, is $195 per person and includes the use of Orvis fly tackle and lunch. Contact CB’s Saltwater Outfitters at (941) 349-4400 or to make reservations.

Dun Magazine
If you aren’t subscribing to Dun Magazine the magazine created for women by the women, you are really missing something. Take a look at: Dun Magazine

Alaska Fly Fishers ‘On-Line” Auction

An ‘on-line’ auction is in the making by the Alaska Fly Fishers! It will be predominately trips including some of AK fly fishers members’ favorite places to go. More information very soon!

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Fish Talk | August 2018 Newsletter

Fly fishing for rainbows

Hi Everyone,

Summer is just whizzing by! Hopefully all of you are enjoying the fishing. We’ve got some closures for salmon on several of the rivers due to low returns, but we are hoping that they will catch up soon.


Hope you didn’t miss the news that Congressman Don Young has sponsored the “Modern Fish Act” that passed the House in Congress recently, and is now headed toward the Senate. This vote marks the first time the priorities of the recreational fishing sector are included in the re-authorization of our nation’s primary marine fisheries law, the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management ACT. 


AFFTA Statement on H.R. 200 Passage

AFFTA President Ben Bulis issued the following statement regarding the passage of H.R. 200, the “Strengthening Fishing Communities and Increasing Flexibility in Fisheries Management Act of 2017” by the House of Representatives:

Wednesday, the House of Representatives passed – by a slim margin – a bill that seeks to unravel the sensible, science-driven management framework that is working to achieve abundant and healthy marine fisheries. Rather than improving upon the success of the Magnuson-Stevens Act, H.R. 200 undermines the law by exempting some fisheries from limits on catch and weakening the rebuilding requirements that recover depleted stocks as quickly as possible. In doing so, H.R. 200 puts at risk the long-term sustainability of marine fisheries, and the saltwater fly fishing industry that is dependent on healthy, productive stocks.

AFFTA believes a reauthorization of the Magnuson-Stevens Act must focus on real solutions to the issues facing marine fisheries, solutions that are focused on increasing the number of fish in the ocean, and thus increasing the angling opportunities that drive our industry. We implore the Senate to safeguard the economic vitality of the recreational fishing industry by strengthening – not weakening– the conservation and management of our federal fisheries. Click here to read the full statement .


Slated to begin in 2020, the largest dam removal project in U.S. History will remove four dams on the Klamath River. “The Klamath River Renewal Corp. plans to begin site work in two years to remove four dams on the Klamath River and deconstructing the dams will begin in 2021, according to the “Definite Plan for the Lower Klamath Project.” Via Record Searchlight.


Click here for an interesting article on fly fishing at night! 


IF retirement is always as good as it has been for me this summer, I want to tell you about a wonderful adventure I had just recently. Being the grayling aficionado that I am, I hooked up on a several day trip to the Denali Highway with some friends who had just bought a new motor home and wanted me to ride along with them in my own van. The grayling fishing was stupendous, with fish that just couldn’t wait for the next fly, and so was the trip over the mountains in the Interior! Getting a chance to view a scene like the Susitna River, with the mountains and the lakes gleaming in the sun and the oil pipeline meandering through the bushes was worth driving the long gravel road for. We also saw lots of wildlife including fox, eagles, a few caribou, and owls.

We extended our trip to visit Kirk Martakis at Adventure Denali and some of his remarkable private lakes and stream-side opportunities at Cantwell for time in the float tubes fly fishing for his VERY large rainbows and grayling. We were not disappointed. We pasted ourselves with bug-dope, and then sat outside each evening after dinner with a glass of wine to listen to the owls. 

I left them there (reluctantly) for their return to Anchorage. I was headed to Delta Junction to visit the lovely, delicate, spring-fed Clearwater River, where I am in the process of writing an article on grayling for Fish Alaska Magazine on it. Read all about that adventure sometime next year. 

Driving home a couple of days later down the Richardson Highway and Glennallen and the road to Valdez have mountains beside them that will take your breath away when the weather is good—and it really was! Still covered in snow & just dusting themselves off in the breezes, I tried not to go off the road while oogling them. I’ve traveled all of these roads any number of times during the nearly 50 years I’ve lived in Alaska, but never have I seen such great weather as we had on every single day of the trip!!! Can you believe THAT for AK? Don’t put an Alaska trip on the shelf for your “some-day.” Some-day is NOW!


Information and an up-to-date event schedule for the family-friendly event are available at . Tickets to the International Fly Fishing Film Festival™ Aug. 8 at 6:30 are available at . Film Festival tickets and other Fair-related activities may be obtained at (406) 222-9369:


ICAST/IFTD 2018 Recap from Fishpond –go to to see all the new products!


The Drake 12 th Annual videos! View them at . Some very great video!


As of July 2018 by Wildlife Enthusiast Magazine. A proprietary algorithm determines the winners. It measures not just the number of followers, friends, and fans on social media but-more importantly-activity levels, engagement, and influence.

See the announcement at:

That’s all for August! Fish on!!! ~ Pudge