Fish Talk | July 2019 Newsletter

Hello everyone; I’m a little late for the newsletter this month but we were really busy taking care of all the details of the Maxine McCormack event. It was incredible and I can hardly begin to tell you all the compliments both Maxine, and Chris her coach got lots of “where has this been all my life,” and “I’m going right home and practice what I just learned,” for instance.The weather couldn’t have been better and the locations more welcoming.

Our thanks go to our sponsors the Inlet Towers, Barnes and Nobel, Bristol Adventures, Mountain View Sports, Mossy’s Fly Shop, and Sportsman’s Warehouse. We really appreciated their help!

We didn’t have nearly time enough for everything we wanted to do but during one of Chris’ single person’s lesson Maxine’s dad (who came along as a helper) and she, saw a moose with her calf crossing the road when they slipped out for a little touring. “I’ll be coming back” all of them said, and Alaska will certainly be waiting.

Don’t forget Maxine’s and my new book!

The Girl With a Flyrod

It’s the 2nd Edition of my Gold Medal book, River Girls, and just as great, so, if you didn’t get a chance to buy one at Barnes & Noble or at one or the other event-location here in Anchorage during the event I am selling them at a $20 price. Just send me your address and a check and I’ll get one right back to you. My address is Cecilia Kleinkauf, 2220 North Star #2, Anchorage AK 99503.

-I just got back from a great trip for grayling and trout fishing where I usually go at least once a summer, known as Tangle Lakes. The place we stayed was MacLaren Lodge, -great folk as well as good fishing. On my way home I almost killed a small black bear and her two tiny cubs that were just coming out of the bushes along the highway! Thank goodness for good brakes!!!

Alaska Fly Fishers

The Alaska Fly Fishers has three events for you this Fall.

  • The August event will be a picnic, (TBA)
  • the September Clean Up
  • and the third will be a Silent Auction (TBA)

~For your information ~

And now (and with great regret) I want to let you know that I have decided to leave Alaska and move to WA, nearer to my family, medical facilities, and long-time friends, even though I have many, many, many of those in the Great Land. I’m planning on leaving this September. (I couldn’t leave in the summer–the fish just wouldn’t let me,) but much depends on selling my condo and other realities.

I plan to go to live at a retirement home at Anacortes, WA, called Capsante Court, that I have investigated and found to be one I liked.

I am also hoping that one of you might be interested in buying my condo or know someone who is, so that I don’t have to rent it.

Here is the Realtor’s listing.
Her name is Joan McKinnon
She is the best!

P.S. much of my furniture is for sale at a very low price! If you are interested just e-mail me at