Rookie No More

Rookie No More: The Flyfishing Novice Gets Guidance from a Pro

by Cecilia “Pudge” Kleinkauf

Rookie No More: The flyfishing Novice Gets Guidance From a Pro

“Rookie No More” is a lifesaver for novice fly fishers who are struggling with unanswered questions about various aspects of the sport that they have undertaken. Compiled from hundreds of questions that guide and instructor Pudge Kleinkauf has responded to throughout her career, this book presents many of those same questions right here in black and white. As you strive to master new and complex situations you’ll be able to turn to this book for help with:

  • Various casts and their use
  • Information about fly fishing equipment
  • Different flies for different situations
  • Fishing techniques and skills beyond the basics
  • Other common questions about topics like safety on the water
  • Handling various related situations such as hiring a guide

Novice fly fishers have a large amount of information to absorb as they build their skills but don’t always have access to help from a more experienced angler.

This book can be a handy resource, easily carried in your day pack as you venture out onto the water. Have a question? Rookie No More has the answer.

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Table of Contents

Section 1 Fly Fishing Knowledge and Skills

Section 2 Fly Fishing Equipment and Flies

Section 3 Fly Fishing Techniques and Skills

Section 4 Additional Gear

Section 5 Other Common Questions



“In this brilliantly-conceived little book, Pudge Kleinkauf mines her many years of experience as a guide and outfitter in Alaska to compile a list of (common) questions and provide simple, direct answers  “…a remarkable amount of information condensed into this small volume…The chapters on destination travel and how to select a guide or lodge alone are well worth the price of the book.”

Mary Kuss – Well known Eastern Seaboard fly fishing guide and founder of the Delaware Valley Women’s Fly Fishing Association in Pennsylvania.


“Rookie No More written by Cecilia ‘Pudge’ Kleinkauf and published by Epicenter Press Inc. in 2016 is organized around essential questions about fly fishing. Few questions have been left unasked! Pudge understands what people want to know and has no doubt heard each of the questions over her many years of teaching and guiding fly fishers. The result is information clearly written and easily accessible by novice and experienced fly fishers alike. The topics are thoughtfully focused, comprehensive and helpful.

Practical answers include types of casts, rods, reels and lines, flies and clothing. The safety tips are excellent. For example, using a wading staff and the fact that women’s centre of gravity is lower than men’s is crucial to avoiding accidental dips in the river. The suggestions about costs are useful. The analogies used and helpful tips are indispensable to fly fishers and add to the enjoyment of learning more about fly fishing. Rookie No More is a quick, engaging read. The book is small enough to slip into hand luggage and read while flying to your much awaited adventure. Do yourself a favour and pick up Rookie No More. It is also the perfect gift for the anglers you know.”

Vicki Green – International Womens Fly Fishers

“We give this book 4 out of 4 star! Written in a question and answer format. Pudge answers the questions we are sometimes afraid to ask in a way that is easy to understand. Thank you, Pudge, for getting this into the hands of fly fishers everywhere! It’s a great read!”

– Jen Ripple, Dun Magazine

“I received this marvelous little book as a gift. It’s wonderful and a great reference. There are answers to questions I didn’t know I had. I have several books on fly fishing but this one is unique. A genuine “must have” for young and old, beginner, novice,and the more experienced fly fisher, too. Fishing with nymphs for the first time? Check out the “how to” which is extensive enough to make you comfortable right away. Happily, this gem of a book fits perfectly in a quart zip-loc bag and belongs in your vest or dry bag on your next fly fishing adventure. I won’t fish again without it.”

– Tanya Pemberton

“I purchased this book in preparation for a fly fishing clinic with Pudge. It is written clearly and succinctly. It is a “go to” book for any question you may have about fly fishing or fly fishing gear. As a woman I appreciated her clarity and depth. I found all of the “men” in my household borrowing it and using it as resource and study guide to improve their fly fishing technique. I cannot say enough about the value of this guide. It is a “must have” in any total fly fishing library.”

– Avalon Wappett

“This is a fantastic resource! I’ve learned everything I know about flyfishing from Pudge, and this book is a MUST HAVE!”

-Maria B.

-This is my absolute favorite book, it waterproof and goes with me on my fishing adventures, if I’m not sure I refer to Pudge’s handbook, it’s like she’s fishing with me. Can you put a price on that? This is a must have!

-I have had the privilege of fishing with Pudge and she is a fantastic guide and amazing woman. Her books are articulate and give you more information than you can imagine in a well laid out format and clear writing style. I will be giving these as gifts to the women I teach as a welcome to the world of flyfishing! It is a fantastic resource. Don’t miss her other books as well. I own them all!

-Easy to read, great book for a beginner or anyone needing a review of fly fishing.

-Great book! Answered all the questions I had and then some… Highly recommended!